Lichen Sclerosis Beating the Disease

Author Ginny Chandoha was diagnosed in 2009 with a rare and incurable auto-immune disease Lichen Sclerosis, but within eight months of her diagnosis she had fully recovered from it, and has remained healthy ever since.

“I refused to allow an auto-immune disease to become a part of my life and that started my search for possible causes and a way to heal myself, and what I learned changed my life.”

Prompted by her physician to write the book, Ginny describes her journey from diagnosis to full recovery in Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease. She believes the contents “Can benefit people on many levels including those with chronic illnesses, those that are healthy and wish to remain so, and for health care professionals who want to do more to help their patients with chronic illnesses, and illness in general.”

In the book’s Foreword by Dr. Steven Coward, he writes: “Its content is vast, deep, and well-researched…It’s one of those books every health care provider should read, and that everyone would benefit from reading…”

“For years I thought I was doing everything right,” Ginny continues. “I took my vitamins regularly, ate lots of salads, took steps most everyone considers healthy. I was shocked to discover that my vitamins were 100% synthetic and not readily absorbed by the human body, products I used daily contained heavy metals, and chemicals that studies found were absorbed into the body and concentrated in malignant tumors. I had to examine everything I had previously taken for granted for my entire life and make health changing adjustments. I put everything I learned into the book.”

In her book, Ginny details the healing protocol she developed. “There are many facets to the healing protocol,” she explains. “In trying to regain health most people focus on food, which is only one dimension of illness. Our bodies are complex and there are many other contributors to illness that are routinely overlooked. For example, a chemical found in most of our every day products accumulates in our body and studies show it destroys the protein structure of our skin cells, which is a precursor to skin cancer. We also harbor dormant viruses and other pathogens like yeast that are toxic to us in their own way. While the healing protocol addresses the obvious illness factors, most importantly it addresses these toxic accumulations on all levels, and helps the body heal itself on a cellular level.”

What makes Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease stand apart from other self-help books is that it includes case studies Ginny personally worked with who fully regained their health by following the recommendations and healing protocol that are discussed in depth in this book.

“The case studies include both genders and range in age from young child to adult, and in each instance the case studies had seen multiple doctors for various ailments, and had been on multiple prescriptions without relief. After following the recommendations and healing protocol as described in the book, they are fully recovered and, like myself, have remained healthy and disease-free for over 5 years,” Ginny states.

Lichen Sclerosis: Beating the Disease is available in the U.S., Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, India, Indonesia, Italy, Latin America, Mexico, Scandinavia, Spain, and South Africa.