Why did you write the book?

Actually it was my doctor who suggested I write the book. I’ve spent years researching what caused me to develop LS, and how to eliminate it from my life. I felt it was imperative to share this knowledge with others.

Why aren’t there more case studies in the book?

Conducting a case study requires the disclosure of all symptoms, treatments prior to the healing protocol, tracking the subject during the year-long healing protocol, and then follow-up takes at least two years. I’m not a doctor, just one person working with another. I don’t have an office or staff.


Go to the contact page and fill out the email form. Under Subject type CASE STUDY APPLICANT.

Do stress and hormones cause LS?

Stress is a part of life. Continued and unrelenting stress does have a negative impact on our health, and our hormones are integral to optimum health. But I don’t believe that stress or hormones in and of themselves cause LS.

Infants seemingly born with LS have not experienced stress, or the hormonal imbalance of menopause, and neither have young boys with LS BXO, so one must ask how do they fit into the picture?

The focus on the cause of LS is too narrow and too one-dimensional, and as a result, so are the attempts to cure it. The cause is a very broad spectrum, and the healing protocol must match it. This is all discussed in great detail in the book.

Does trauma such as childbirth or tubal ligation cause LS?

No. That focus is too limiting. LS strikes infants, children, teens, adults, and males have their own version of LS (BXO) which affects young boys and men. The LS link transcends age, gender, race, and location. I’ve devoted the majority of the book to what I believe is the common link.

Do genetics play a role in LS?

Yes. It’s called “gene expression.” Based upon our body’s reaction to its internal/external environment and our genetic makeup, those with similar genetics may develop LS, while others with a different set of genetic markers might develop fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, MS, or a very long list of other diseases. The book covers this topic.

Does LS run in families? Will my daughter or granddaughter develop this disease?

Yes and no. In some families mother, daughter, sisters, etc. have suffered from LS, but it’s not because it’s inherited. Just because one has the genetic markers that make them prone to developing LS, does not mean that they will. Environment plays an enormous role in whether or not we develop disease. I believe that the reason LS can run in families is because they are exposed to the same toxic lifestyle, and carry it through from one generation to the next. The chain is broken when toxic lifestyles are eliminated.

Can I use the neutraceuticals while I am pregnant or nursing?

The neutraceuticals have been tested at 150 times their dosage and are non-toxic. Short-term usage, to treat a cold as an example, will not adversely affect a fetus or nursing infant. However, it is NOT advised to undergo the full healing protocol if you are pregnant or nursing. While the protocol provides the means to help the body heal, it also has detoxification properties. Toxins will be released for elimination would most likely end up in breast milk, and could quite possibly cross the placenta. Therefore it is advised to wait until after childbirth and/or nursing before starting the full blown healing protocol. There are some aspects of the healing protocol, such as the healing soaks, that would be beneficial and not potentially harmful to a fetus or nursing child. If you are pregnant or nursing and are considering the healing protocol, please contact me through this website’s contact page.

I have problems taking botanicals, so I can’t do the healing protocol. 

I am working with a case study with extreme sensitivities who has had absolutely no allergic or adverse reactions to the nutraceuticals. There is a method for testing the nutraceuticals to determine any potential problems. If you are considering the healing protocol and would like information on pre-testing the nutraceuticals, please contact me using the contact page form on this website.

Is the healing protocol a cure?

No remedy works the same for everyone. For myself and the case studies, the healing protocol has produced permanent relief of ALL health issues.

Is the healing protocol untested? Are you the only person who has tried it?

No. There are formal case studies that have completed the healing protocol with excellent results. Positive results are starting to come in from readers who have begun to follow the theory and protocol described in the book (see What People Are Saying tab).

Will the healing protocol return fused skin to normal?

Since I’ve never worked with anyone who has fused skin, I can’t honestly answer that question. However, it would be a very interesting case study.

Will reabsorbed skin grow back?

No. Unfortunately we cannot re-grow organs, limbs, or reabsorbed skin.

Aside from LS, I have other health issues that need to be addressed. Can I follow the healing protocol while using other therapies for my other health issues?

No. Combining different healing strategies can have negative outcomes because they may not be synergistic. Different therapies can actually work against each other, reduce their effectiveness, or create more problems. One must pick one remedy and stick with it for several months at the very least. If it fails, then search for another. Also, when too many strategies are combined, if something should work, you have no idea which one it was, and you may mistakenly attribute success to the wrong thing.

Combining herbs doesn’t necessarily mean they work harmoniously. Only someone who has studied botanical medicine has the knowledge of which herbs to combine for maximum health benefit. I had several conversations with Dr. David Jernigan, the physician who developed the nutraceuticals I used for the healing protocol. He advised that some herbs actually work against each other and reduce the effectiveness of other herbs. Some herbs work better when taken alone. The nutraceuticals I selected for the healing protocol were developed by Dr. Jernigan to work synergistically.

I have other autoimmune issues. Should I wait until they are resolved before starting the healing protocol?

No. The human body is one integrated entity. One part of the body cannot be sick without it affecting other parts. Therefore healing must focus on the entire body, not each ailment separately. The healing protocol focuses on healing the entire body on a cellular level.

Is there a special diet I should follow?

While the entire book discusses food in depth, one chapter focuses on and differentiates food groups versus food types, and which types of food that should be eliminated.

Should I eliminate gluten?

Unless someone has been tested for and has a true allergy to gluten, I see no point in eliminating it. This is discussed fully in Chapter 4: Diet and Exercise.

You list several healing protocol products in your book. Can I buy them from you?

No. That would be unethical and a conflict of interest. I have no ties, financial or otherwise, to any of the products mentioned in the book. They are simply tools that worked for me, as well as those who have followed the healing protocol.

Why is the healing protocol complex?

The human body is complex. Most treatments are one-dimensional, focusing on only one aspect of the human body as if it’s just a bunch of disconnected parts. Our body is integrated and interacts and reacts with its internal and external environment. Illness is also complex and in order to address the full healing aspect of the entire human body, the healing protocol must also be complex.

Once the healing protocol is completed, is there any maintenance?

No. There is nothing to maintain except a healthy lifestyle that was learned via undergoing the healing protocol.

How can you be free of LS when there is no cure for it? Isn’t it remission?

The dictionary describes cure as “relief of the symptoms of a disease or condition.” This means that no further medication or maintenance of any type is required. The disease and its symptoms are gone.

The dictionary describes remission as “a diminution of the seriousness or intensity of disease.” This would indicate that if some sort of medication or maintenance isn’t continued, the symptoms will return.

My LS and other health issues, and those of the case studies were not minimized, they were eliminated with no further medications or maintenance required.

Did you have a second biopsy to prove that you no longer have LS?

No. A biopsy was done prior to diagnosis, and molecular testing was done during and after the healing protocol. Molecular testing tracked how my body performed on a cellular level. Within 8 months of the healing protocol (it’s a year long) my body was performing optimally on a cellular level, and my LS-affected skin had returned to normal. Another biopsy would be pointless because there was no longer anything abnormal about my skin or my cellular readings. This is thoroughly discussed in the book.